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  • Nora Kehli

Unmissable December & January Happenings

Event tips from Luxembourg's cultural landscape for December and January: from workshops at Mudam and concerts at the Kufa to short films at the Rotondes and Cercle Cité

Perpendiculaire au soleil (2022) by Valentine Cuny-Le Callet shows how a friendship develops from an exchange of letters between a French author and illustrator and a Florida prisoner sentenced to death. Using letters, drawings and prints, she not only provides deep insights into this extraordinary friendship, but also into the merciless prison system. The graphic novel will be presented by Virginie Dellenbach as part of the monthly book club at the Casino.

Free admission

Thursday, 07 December 2023, Casino, 18:30

© Éditions Delcourt

The "Wishful Printing" workshop at Mudam is highly recommended for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the variety of printing techniques. There you can try your hand at risography, a stencil printing process similar to screen printing. Participants can take their self-designed prints home with them.

Free admission

Saturday, 09 December 2023, Mudam, 10:00

© Mudam Luxembourg

At the end of the short film series "Screenings on Inclusion", Cercle Cité is showing Fashions (2019) by Israeli artist Keren Cytter. Cytter uses grotesque film images to draw attention to social problems such as sexism, age discrimination, human exploitation and the appropriation of political symbols by the fashion industry.

Free admission

Wednesday, 13 December 2023, Cercle Cité, 12:30

© George(s)

The Mnemozine workshop at Mudam offers a new look at a medium of the past: tape. Using tape recorders, sounds from the environment are first captured and then processed into unique magnetic sound compositions. The pioneering work of the British musician Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001), who is regarded as a pioneer of electronic music and revolutionised the BBC with her pioneering sounds, is also presented.

Participation fee: €10 (students: €5, culture pass: €1.50)

Wednesday, 13 December 2023, Mudam, 18:30

© Mnemozine

La Concierge is a young art collective that supports and promotes artists. The collective's first exhibition "Lost Symbiosis" is now taking place at Espace H20, showing a wide range of works from photographs to performances and installations. The exhibition is complemented by a supporting programme with workshops and panel discussions.

Free entry

From Thursday, 14 December 2023, Espace H20, 19:30

Collaboration between la concierge and stadhaus
© rafa_el_designer

If you want to spoil yourself and give yourself a lovely Christmas present, you should definitely pop into Studio Scuro. In addition to great tattoos by the owner Dunia aka Gude Laune, you can also get your nails done by Good Mom Nails and your teeth decorated by Cherry Fairy.

Free admission

Sunday, 17 December 2023, Studio Scuro, from 13:00

© Studio Scuro

With "UNEXPECTED", the Kulturfabrik is launching a new concert series centred around the theme of curiosity. The first edition features up-and-coming musicians such as Maïcee, MALVINA, Lizette Lizette and C'est Karma, and promises a varied evening where you can discover a new generation of musical talent.

Admission: 17,50 €

Friday, 22 December 2023, Kulturfabrik, 20:00

© Rari

Queer loox invites you on a cinematic journey around the world with three short films in the Rotondes: The animated film Kapaemahu (2020) takes us to an island in the Pacific Ocean, the period film Mary of Ill Fame (2020-2021) to New York in the 1830s and the documentary Muxes (2016) to Oaxaca. The three short films bear witness to the fact that queer people have always existed all over the world.

Free admission

Tuesday, 16 January 2024, Rotondes, 19:00

© Ivan Olita

What does fair payment for culture and cultural professionals look like? The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this question to the attention of a wider public. Neumünster Abbey is trying to find answers to this question with a debate on the financing of the cultural sector.

Free admission

Thursday, 11 January 2024, Neumünster Abbey, 18:30


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