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  • Nora Kehli

Unmissable April & May Happenings

Event tips from Luxembourg's cultural landscape for April and May: from exhibitions at the

Lëtzebuerg City Museum and Cercle Cité to film screenings at the Casino and the Cinémathèque

and the Light Leaks Festival in the Rotondes.

Film screening @ Casino

As part of his artist residency in Luxembourg, the artist Ludovic Hadjeras is showing a series of

films curated by the Algiers-based art gallery Rhizome. These include the documentary Toujours

Tout Droit (2023) by Anys Merhoum, which reports on the pilot project of neighbourhood

workshops in Algiers. The film places the residents at the centre of the narrative and thus paints a

picture of Algerian civil society. The film screening begins after sunset. Delicious snacks will also

be provided.

Free admission

Friday, 05 April 2024, Casino, 19:00

© Ateliers d'Alger



@ Kulturfabrik

Kulturfabrik is organizing an engaging round-table discussion as part of "Unexpected"series,

presented by the University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students' Association and the CIGALE Centre.

Delve into "Confronting the stigmatization of LGBTQIA+ identities: diverse strategies?" at the

Kinosch. Featuring Elona Dupont, President of the University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students'

Association, and Nada Negraoui, Head of the LGBTIQ+ Discrimination Observatory at the

CIGALE centre, alongside other soon-to-be-announced guests. "Unexpected" is a new series of

events highlighting queer-feminist issues and artists. This premiere edition features three live

shows, DJ sets by Miss Sappho, and drag performances curated by Queerdom.

Free admission and registration are recommended at

Saturday, 06 April 2024, Rotondes, 17:30

© Kulturfabrik

Guided tour @ Lëtzebuerg City Museum

The European elections are just around the corner and it is more important than ever to exercise

your right to vote to prevent a shift to the right. Because many populists are striving for a

supposedly "pure" Europe. The "Pure Europe" exhibition at the Lëtzebuerg City Museum contrasts

this rigid idea with historical and current aspects of actual diversity. The exhibition thus encourages

a critical examination of common clichés about Europe and challenges them. Every Sunday in April

there is a guided tour through the exhibition, which comes at just the right time just before the


Guided tour included in the museum ticket

Sunday, 07, 14, 21, 28, April 2024, Lëtzebuerg City Museum, 14:00

Performance @ Mudam

As part of the current group exhibition "A Model" which explores the role of museums in

contemporary art, a performance will take place at regular intervals under the direction of Bob Kil.

The performers move through the corridors of Nina Beier's sculptural installation Field,

emphasising the contrast between the restlessness of the bodies and the stillness of the

surroundings. The performers thus enter into a symbiotic relationship with Beier's installation.

Performance included in the museum ticket

Saturday, 13 April 2024, Mudam, 15:00

Nina Beier and Bob Kil, ‘Field Trip’, 2023. Performance view, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, 2023

Exhibition @ Cercle Cité

In the course of his film career, Wang Bing has established himself as an astute observer. He is

particularly interested in the Chinese working class and society's outsiders. He captures their

everyday dramas with minimalist means. He approaches his subjects with great sensitivity and at

the same time maintains a confident distance. Although his documentary films are characterised by

harsh realism, they also have a poetic undertone. In the exhibition "Wang Bing: Memories" at the

Cercle Cité, he places personal memories in the context of the anti-rights campaign and the Cultural

Revolution in 20th-century China.

Free admission

Until Sunday, 14 April 2024, Cercle Cité

©Courtesy of the artists, Standard (Oslo), Oslo and Croy Nielsen, Vienna

Film lecture @ Cinémathèque

The current exhibition in the Casino "Images at Work" shows experimental films that capture the

mechanics, manual routines and poetic experiences of work in old and new production facilities,

while at the same time exploring the history of their cinematic representation. Laura Lux, film

scholar and curator of the exhibition will give a lecture at the Cinémathèque on the legacy of the

Lumière brothers, the critique of their naturalistic representation of labour and their influence on

contemporary documentary practice, discussing films by Harun Farocki, Kevin Jerome Everson and

Sharon Lockhart.

Admission: 03,70 € (Reduced: 02,40 €)

Wednesday, 24 April 2024, Cinémathèque, 19:00


Short film programme @ Cité Bibliothèque

In collaboration with Rosa Letzebuerg, the Cercle Cité is showing a series of queer short films. The programme includes Yulia & Juliet (2018) by Zara Dwinger, in which two girls in a juvenile

detention centre find solace in their love for each other, How to Say I Love You at Night (2020) by

Andree Ljutica, which deals with male intimacy, sexuality and violence, and Valentine (2022) by

Beck Kitsis and Chris McNabb, in which a couple tries to redefine their relationship. This will be

followed by a panel discussion organised by Rosa Lëtzebuerg.

Free admission

Monday, 29 April 2024, Cité Bibliothèque, 18:00

© Kevin Jerome Everson, Westinghouse Three, 2019, film still

Take Back The Night Demo @ Kinnekswiss Park

Join Megaphone, in Luxembourg City as they reclaim the night and demand safer public spaces for

FLINTA* individuals. Beginning at Kinnekswiss Park, the march will go through the city centre,

asserting the right to exist without fear. This demonstration isn't just a response to nightly threats

ranging from harassment to violence; it's a collective effort to build safer communities. As the sun

sets, a vigil will be held at Casino Luxembourg, honoring FLINTA* individuals harmed by our

society's norms. Whether you're an artist, activist, or simply someone who cares, you can join in

solidarity. Contact Megaphone to contribute or for inquiries. Let's make our voices heard and

reclaim the night together.

Tuesday, 30 April 2024, Cité Bibliothèque, 19:00

© Lynn Kelders9

Ceramics workshop @ Villa Vauban

More and more people are becoming interested in the art of ceramics. Villa Vauban offers the

opportunity to playfully explore this special material in a workshop. The workshop will be led by

Luxembourg artist Anni Mertens, who has made a name for herself with her colourful sculptures.

Beforehand, the participants will be guided through the exhibition "Bienvenue à la Villa! (2)"

exhibition to gain an insight into the new acquisitions in the field of contemporary art.

Participation fee: 15 €

Friday, 03 May 2024, Villa Vauban, 17:30

Photo Festival @ Rotondes

Street photography allows us to look at everyday life from a different angle. The Light Leaks Festival is dedicated to precisely this art form. For three days, events centred around the art of street

photography will take place at Rotondes: From exhibitions and workshops to masterclasses with

renowned photographers. The festival is aimed at professional photographers as well as amateurs

and photo enthusiasts.

Free admission

Sunday, 09 May 2024, Rotondes, 16:00

© Light Leaks Festival


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